Project Management

Project management is rarely a sole service provided; rather it is the primary function that is the backbone of the main functions of the company; i.e. contracting/ construction and property development.

Because all projects produced or developed by our company have their own characteristics, our experienced project managers, who have the spirit of leadership, prepare a work plan for each new project. In case of a necessity to choose between couple of projects, the objective, advantages and disadvantages of the project are defined and prioritized before one of them is selected.

Once the department that will work in the project and its objectives are defined, the work is planned in detail according to the action plan; necessary time, budget and resources (manpower and equipment) are defined. A project team with high performance is organized. The project leaders preserve the quality, cost and timing balance of the project by controlling the progress of the project. Potential threats are minimized or eliminated by means of risk management and quality control processes. Upon completion, related reports are prepared and the file is closed.

Design Management

Design management is one of the important sub-processes of both property development and contracting processes. Below tasks are executed within its scope. 

  • Determination of design team
    • Architectural
    • Statical
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Landscape
    • Decoration
  • Desing-Build management
  • Concept development
  • Management of construction drawings
  • Coordination between branches
  • Estimation workTender process and selection of (Sub-)Contractor

Contract Management

All contracts signed with persons and institutions such as customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, consultants etc. are recorded and administrated.

Liabilities of the buyer (or employer) and seller (or contractor) are ensured to be carried out in the most effective way as to meet mutual expectations. In this process, communication and information management is very important. It is ensured that the aim of project is achieved; particularly the quality and time expectations of the customer are satisfied by means of properly managing the relationship among all parties taking part in the project.

Starting within bidding and tendering in contracting, contract management provides coordination with the processes such as claims, progress payments, work schedules, supervision of work, guaranty bonds. After construction, handover porcesses, final accounts, return of guarantee bonds are facilitated and the file is closed.

Effective contract management is carried out with our managers experienced in FIDIC contracts.