Integrated Management System

The company practices the Integrated Management System to functionally and effectively combine various management disciplines such as quality, occupational health & safety, environment, and customer satisfaction. Our policy is to continuously develop the integrated management system to reach national and international total quality and excellence model (EFQM).

Integrated Management System's conformity to standards is anually audited by Bureau Veritas, an internationally renowned certification firm. The system not only meets the requirements, but exceeds them with detailed procedures, forms, tables, and instructions.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to regularly improve our quality management system integrated to our operations, to render flawless work processes, to assure compliance of our projects with the technical specifications, and to create sustainable customer satisfaction with high-quality production.

Health and Safety Policies

In the frame of the implemented occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS), legislation, and terms of associated institutions, our corporate health and safety policy is to complete all real estate and construction projects with “zero-incident at office and all sitestarget by defining and taking necessary precautions against internal and external dangers and risks in offices and construction sites, investigating the injury and sickness cases when/if they take place, elaborating on the incident to improve health and safety of the employees, training them to increase their awareness on health and safety, and constantly improving the performance of the OHSMS.

Environmental Policy

In the frame of the implemented environmental management system (EMS), regulations and terms of the associated institutions, our environmental policy is to define environmental dimensions according to the defined processes, to prevent pollution or contamination through regular improvent, to perform necessary waste management at sites in compliance with the legislations and specifications within company’s own environmental dimensions, to plan and perform training of the employees to increase their awareness on EMS applications, and to continuously improve the performance of EMS in offices and construction sites.

Customer Satisfaction (Quality+) Policy

In the frame of the implemented customer satisfaction system (CSS), our policy is to timely complete required analyis and communication about the feed-back of our current and potential clients, in order to provide solutions for unconditional customer satisfaction, and sustain our products and services. 

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