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Born as the first one of seven siblings in Erzurum in 1942, Erol Aksoy started to work with his father at early ages. His father managed Cumhuriyet Hotel in Trabzon first and then Temel Palas Hotel in Erzurum and was also a timber, wood and coal merchant working in Erzurum and neighbouring provinces. Upon moving of the family to Istanbul in late 1940s, Erol Aksoy started to journey between Istanbul and Erzurum for the purpose of supporting his father at the family company. He studied elementary school in Sariyer and Erzurum, secondary school in Sariyer and high school in Erzurum Art Vocational High School. Then he completed his education at Faculty of Architecture in ITU Macka Technical School in the period of 64-65.

Erol Aksoy

He entered into a number of school projects by creating teams with his friends who graduated for the purpose of achieving success in short time in business life. After he completed Ferikoy Elementary School construction, which was his first building site, he completed his military service in Naval Forces, Golcuk Construction and Real Estate Office as infantry reserve officer. First working at jobs on the basis of cost+profit in earlier times, Erol Aksoy started to enter into contracting jobs against floor and founded his company named AK-AL in 1967. He built a wide number of branches of Yapı Kredi Bank in big cities and their general directorate buildings in 70s.

After building a cinema and a gas station in Sariyer together with his brother Erdal, he also performed the management of these. On one hand, he continued to build many branches and general directorate buildings of Garanti Bank, Yapı Kredi Bank, Imar Bank, Uluslarasi Bank and Pamukbank. On the other hand, the gas station he was managing together with his brother became fuel sale to fishers from sea and then transit fuel sale to ships passing through the Bosphorous with small ships managed. Afterwards, his brother Erdal continued to petroleum business and Erol concentrated on construction and real estate business.

In middle 80s, he took a step in tourism business by building Altinorfoz Hotel together with his friends in Mersin and due to the farsightedness of Greek ship-owner John Teodorakopulos, the owner of Caravel Hotel, that he met on this wise, he laid the foundation of the largest five-star hotel of Istanbul together with our Prime Minister Turgut Ozal. Erol Aksoy, also the official designer of Conrad Hotel, realized in partnership with Hilton, regularly mentions about his friend, architecture Ergin Akman who has contributed efforts in this project with respect and regards.

By taking factory construction jobs in 90s along with bank and hotel constructions, he expanded his product range. He performed project design, construction and decoration of Grundig Factory, Demirer Kablo Bozoyuk Factory, Pepsi Cola Corlu Factory and Tamek Holding administrative building, miscellaneous housing and offices.

In 1996, he had interest for Georgia, the country of his father and he founded Aksoy Group Batumi (AGB) there. After restoring the 200-year-old radio building, which now is used as AGB’s office building, art gallery and residence, he developed and implemented several projects in Georgia.

Having kept on building prestigious special residences and cultural and shopping centers in 2000s, Erol Aksoy still continues to produce projects where he sometimes gives place to his own architectural designs within the structure of his company that has become a corporate structure upon the participation of his sons.

Erol Aksoy, who believes that his greatest capital is his friends, keeps his interaction with his circle of friends and business environment as being a member of many associations and foundations. Some of the associations and foundations he is a member of are as follows:

Chamber of Architects
Promotion Foundation of Turkey
Turkish Association of Tourism Investors
Turkish-Chinese Friendship Association
Fatih Rotary Club
Istek Foundation, Member of the Board of Trustees and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Nevin Baykent Foundation For Health and Education
Geyre Foundation, Honorary Member
1907 Association for Fenerbahce Fans
Turkish Association of Football Men

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