Work Circumstances

Work Hours : Work hours are 09:00-18:00 for the office and 08:00-18:00 for the construction site.

Leave of Absence Policy:
Leave of absence policy is based on the effective Labor Law.
Those who completed at least one-year employment period, including the period of probation, will be entitled to get annual holidays with pay.
The right of annual holidays with pay is an inalienable right.
Those who employed in seasonal works due to their skills with a period shorter than one year will not be entitled to benefit from the provisions of Law concerning holidays with pay.
Duration of holidays with pay consists of
Fourteen days for those who have a term of office of one year to five years (including fifth year);
Twenty days for those who have a term of office of five years to fifteen years;
Twenty-six days for those who have a term of office of more than fifteen years (including fifteenth year).

Besides vocational trainings, self-development training opportunities are provided to employees. Internal training and orientation programs are organized by those who are expert in their subjects.
Our company accepts domestic and foreign trainees from time to time depending on its work intensity. We are in cooperation with Istanbul Technical University in this respect.

Remuneration Policy
Wage increases are applied once a year in January. Inflation rate, comparison data, and performance evaluation results are taken into consideration while making wage increases; wage adjustments are made in the scales created based on positions.

Meal and Transportation Pays
Meal and transportation pays are provided for the sake of flexibility to our personnel and ideal location of our central offices. Multinet services are used for meal expenses.

Depending on the sizes and locations of construction sites, calorie-specified meals are provided by outsourced catering service or made in-house. Employees are transported to their homes or camping sites by service vehicles.

Performance Management
A competency-based and target-driven performance evaluation system is in practice to increase employees' productivity and performance, and to make contribution to self-development when attaining personal and departmental targets.

For a definite term of employment, to what extent an employee has fulfilled the duties, authorities, and responsibilities as set forth by the job definition and he/she attained personal targets determined in line with corporate objectives, and his/her efforts and success are evaluated and the results are reflected to salaries.

Social Activities
Various activities are organized to increase employees' motivation and inter-relations.

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