Technological Infrastructure

In order to coordinate the projects and sites with a central system, project management is carried out in a 100% integrated structure with functions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Resources Management, Contract Management, Offer Management, Asset Management.

Our customers, personnel and solution partners can log in with their user names and passwords via internet and intranet, and they can enter, share and manage data with their accessing facilities related to the user type.

By analyzing and developing all processes constantly according to Process Management within the technologic structure of ERP, investments are made more effectively by means of personnel performance, carrying out the corporate objectives, and decreasing costs of customer’s demands through fast planning, fast technical calculations, detailed financial reports.

By applying modern marketing philosophy and understanding to technologic platform by means of CRM, it is aimed to know the customers better, understand their needs, develop proper services and products; one to one marketing is carried out, fidelity system is managed.

Selection and management of suppliers and sub-contractors are provided by SCM. Companies can work effectively and efficiently with their suppliers, processes between companies are managed systematically; qualified material and service can be selected through comparisons, company performance assessment data are controlled.

Employment is centralized by applying HR Management over the system, effective career and rotation management is provided. The performance of the personnel reaches to peak by means of workflow management and performance management.

All contracts signed with persons and institutions such as customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, consultants etc. are recorded and controlled by means of Contract Management. Proper purchasing and sales are carried out via the structure integrated with functions of Finance and Communication Management.

Instant Collaboration Service & Online Offer

We take the first step as a pro-active and dynamic solution partner by giving related information about potential cooperation for the project in question to our customer and potential business partners based on evaluation of the collected information via our online service on our website.

A forecasted budget is prepared according to the collected information related to the offered project. Visit Online Offer section for more information.

Online Camera

Our projects that are under construction can be monitored online through the cameras in the workplace. In terms of confidentiality, this service is provided for only our customers who log in with their user names and passwords.

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