Vision, Mission, Values

Corporate Vision

Our vision is to become – through continuous improvement of our organizational structure and technological infrastructure, and via professional business conduct at international standards – one of the leader trademarks of the industry in development of high-quality structures, real estate properties; execution of construction contracts; and delivery of post-construction maintanence services.

Corporate Mission

Our mission is to advance in local and international markets with the risk-controlled steps of our constantly improved entrepreneurial and risk-analyst staff in order to provide our clients with modern, reliable, and environmental-concious solutions; consequently to pursue differentiation in development and construction projects and share these with the community.

Vizyon, Misyon, Değerler


• Teamwork

For the corporation to keep up with its performance and consistently improve itself, all employees, managers, and stakeholders – with awareness of responsibility and use of clear communication – combine their energy to jointly provide solutions to problems.

• Continuous Improvement

To increase the company’s productivity, employees are encouraged for personal development with self-improvement programs, which eventually increase their performance and reveal their actual potential within the company, to develop efficient and innovative projects.

• Respect to People

Assuring perception of a person as a human regardless of his/her religion, nationality, ethnic group, geography, language, idea, or thoughts, opinions of employees and clients are seperately evaluated to undersign differentiating projects under the brandname’s reliability.

• Professionalism

Employees’ attitudes towards work and others are reassured according to the company’s code of conduct (work rules, ethics, and disciplines) to facilitate a better communication with the client.

• Openness and Transparency

Regular and timely sharing of comparable and reliable information for our clients and investors to better know and trust us.

• Entrepreneurship

In order to best respond to our Clients’ needs, current projects are completed and new ones are undertaken by taking necessary risks in light of a solid business plan and risk analysis.

• Self-Criticism

Our company criticises itself through judgement of internal behaviorial errors before and after each project realized.

• Objectivity

Despite our differences in education, culture, worldview - causing us view every event and project from a different angle - all employees approach to events with same sensitivity and take objective decisions.

• Enviromental Awareness

Due to limited resources and increasing environmental pollution, environment consciousness is reflected in all processes, from planning and design to implementation and operation, to produce energy saving structures.

• Customer Orientation

Unconditional customer satisfaction. Services are provided to the existing and targeted customers to satisfy their needs during and after the project, through determination of client’s feelings, thoughts, and expectations.