Chairman’s Message

Erol Aksoy, Executive Chairman

As one of the few companies engaged in construction and real estate works and capable of surviving in our country that is not so unfamiliar with crisis, we built up our strategy on flexible, project-based employment. Depending on the quality and quantity of contracting project we undertook, we formed our teams on our essential primary staff. During the years when no contracting projects are undertaken, we employed these valuable staff members in development of real estate projects. We speeded up our restructuring process. We made use of the inactive period caused by crisis for developing our management system.

We set our 2015-2020 targets considering the expectations of recovery from global crisis in line with the developments surrounding our country. We are going to create value by the contracting works that we plan to undertake and the projects that we develop in precious locations such as the Bosphorus.


Erol Aksoy

Executive Chairman

Chairman’s Message
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