Facility Management

Facility management services of available properties or the ones developed by our company are conducted within a separate department and support services with reasonable costs are provided within the framework of a corporate structure.

The monitoring, development of mechanical, electrical, security, fire systems and taking precautions are ensured by means of Building Automation Systems (BOS) , Building Management Systems (BMS), and Integrated Systems (IS) in accordance with the need. In addition to the supportive services, physical structure of buildings and facilities are managed as well: management of work environments, management of furniture equipment and inventories, design management, telecommunications and cable management, building operations (operation and maintenance) management, real estate and leasing management are among the services offered.

Besides the housing and commercial property sectors, over which we actively operate, we also look into the maintenance and repair work opportunities for the industrial facilities.


Facility Management

• Building management
• Legal matters and contract management
• Budgetary management
• Management of Leasing / Compound fees
• Customer services
• Needs of customer
• Elimination of customer problems / complaints
• Security
• Setup and organization
• Security risk analysis
• Training and operations
• Personnel work programs
• Technical maintenance programs
• Cleaning - disinfection - regulation of environmental pollution
• Catering
• Daily staff meals
• Private meeting and cocktail caterings
• Landscape
• Surrounding landscape design
• Housing / compound internal design
• Building maintenance
• Provision and maintenance of vending machines
• Provision and maintenance of fax and copy devices
• Printing management
• Car parking operation
• Management of servicing vehicles
• Personnel transportation services
• Courier and postal services


Facility Management

These are the management services of commercial buildings such as office, shopping center, and hotel.

• Calculation of service costs for lease-holder
• Record, regulation and supervision of any kind of leasing and service costs
• Preparation of field cost, leasing contract management and coordination of supervision
• Preparation of Commercial Facilities Management Report
• Purchasing support
• Organization of cash flow
• Providing initiative and active support for project and private tasks and preparation of reports and evaluations
• Setting a domestic budget according to the distribution keys and cost codes
• Confirmation of third group operating invoice
• Budgetary planning / leasing management
• Collection of the revenue of parking area and entertainment facilities
• Specifications of subcontracting services
• Customer services
• Generation and continuation of customer database
• Landscape and building interior design
• Catering services
• Security
• Administrative office and material/equipment needs
• Organization of transportation services
• Field management
• Housekeeping
• Data processing services
• Technical maintenance and repair
• Copy and printing services
• Calling center services
• Goods & storage logistics


Facility Management

Fulfillment of maintenance and repair works complex industrial facilities, within the determined business processes, by experienced expert teams.

•Service and maintenance-repair management
• Pertaining to the units and materials used
• Maintenance-Repair
• Cleaning
• Renewing
• Service of office tools (telephone, fax, copy machine)
• Security systems
• Setup and organization
• Security risk analysis
• Fire and personnel security
• Winter maintenance service
• Automation systems
• Performance controls of equipment
• Daily working data and analysis of equipment
• Monitoring of installation and preparation of changing documentation
• Network and location analysis
• Number of fields
• Dimensions
• Mission and its relation
• Decision analysis
• Opening or closing
• Modernizing or re-construction
• Purchasing or leasing
• Subcontracting
• Direct communication with the manufacturer companies having made guarantee commitment
• Eliminating/controlling deficiencies without any time-out
• Material analysis
• General system design
• Use of automatic equipment
• Training
• Personnel trainings
• Facility planning and operation development
• Personnel security trainings