Project Development

The kick-off for development services is often triggered by two elements: land and/or a business idea.

Regardless of what stage of development process our company is involved in, the business idea is tested as a first step. Feasibility is supported by market surveys followed by the identification of the target group. Process to develop a project that is suitable for the target group then begins, and compliance of the land, if any, is exposed to testing to this effect.

If there is already a contemplated land and the project is supposed to be developed on it, first of all the land is exposed to an analysis for the best use. Location of the land and proper function(s) in line with the zoning status are determined. One can always resort to alter the zoning status, if required. Players such as operators, tenants etc. are involved in the process if the structure to be developed is a commercial property such as a hotel and shopping mall. Efficient role undertaken by our company comes to the fore right at this stage. A certain framework is created to the satisfaction of public authorities, institutions and entities and any other stakeholders.

After necessary preliminary permissions are obtained, and financing model is determined, a product suitable for the target group is designed; then construction process begins. Control mechanisms involved in the production process enable that production is completed in the defined quality standards, budget and time. Occupancy and/or operation permits are obtained; hence commencement of sales and/or operation in light of the predetermined feasibility or business plan.

Our company, while investing in certain real estate properties for which development services are provided, it also evaluates on a regular basis the alternatives for potential collaborations with other parties such as the land owner, operator and investor.

Land Development

In light of the risk analysis, our company invests in undeveloped lands that are likely to increase in value, and develop on these appreciating lands projects that are in demand within the market. Urban planning and infrastructural studies are conducted and completed for the intended project during the appreciation period of the land.